Nora T. Murphy
nora + hollywood =

Nora was born and raised in suburbia Chicago, and moved to Los Angeles at 21. While creating window displays for Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus, she also photographed comedians, rock stars and the ever-changing landscape of Hollywood. Eventually her photography developed into mixed media designs in various formats. 

Her collection of painted photographs depicting rural still life/landscapes which she called amerICONS premiered at Madison Square Gardens for the opening ceremonies of the 1997 New York International Film Festival and was later shown in France, Florida, Illinois and California. 

Nora has also been represented by the Los Angeles County Museum's Sales and Rental Gallery and by nonstock, a progressive stock agency in New York and has been accepted in several juried competitions across the U.S.

After September 11 2001, Nora created several pieces that commemorate the events seen and felt the world over. Almost immediately after the twin towers collapsed, Nora pointed her digital camera at the TV and continued shooting for months after. Incorporating these hundreds of photographs with hundreds of bottle caps, much like the Mexican Folk artists have done with their shrines to the dead, she created a visual history of New York and America from the perspective of the media that feeds us our news and cultures. Nora also mixed milagros, nail heads and other found objects to create the series called "9/11 LIVE"

Post 9/11, Nora felt compelled to create works of a less stressful nature. Inspired by her daily walks in the park with her adopted dog Chelsea, she began a series of paintings called "Every Dog Has Its Day". Working from photos, Nora uses acrylics to paint abstract yet personality-driven portraits of the pets. In the ensuing years of painting dog portraits, she has finished over three dozen commissions. 

Nora has also been active in the film and entertainment industry having worked as a writer, art director, videographer, editor and the very occasional actress. She worked on NOTHING SO STRANGE, a feature that enjoyed success on the film festival circuit and was also involved in the critics' and audiences' favorite live productions of Hollywood Hellhouse & Hollywood Purity Ball.

"I am currently working on new works, up-cycling many of the decades worth of photographs into collage. I am also working digitally with images and icons layered to make stylized stories of Americana, nature and cityscapes. When I'm not creating visually, I write and wine. I no longer live in Hollywood, but it'll always be my university to life. Now I work at a winery in Sonoma and entertain visitors with history, humor and wine. Every day, life inspires."